WJS Secrets

The secrets behind flawless precision and unsurpassed performance.

The secret is how we treat the basics. It is really all about genuine craftsmanship firmly rooted in the Swedish industrial tradition – with core values like quality, sustainability and customer focus.

  • Quality  – in production, service and selection of suppliers
  • Sustainability  – in perspective, product concept and design
  • Customer focus  – in business ethics, transactions and product solution


Water Jet Machines designed for interaction with laws of physics
How to build a world class water jet cutting system in 3 minutes

The WJS design principles - What is the secret?

Water Jet Sweden manufactures high-quality machines, famous for their unique performance and exceptional life span. These qualities are inherent elements of the machine design.

Basic Machine Design, examples:
Motion System Design, examples:
Operational Setup, examples:

The WJS Way - What is the secret?

For us, a machine order is merely the beginning of a relationship often lasting for years   (even generations). The WJS commitment is all about bringing our customers a set of well-defined competitive advantages.

Flexible design solutions
Working environment and safety consciousness
Lifetime Service Relationship