Tools & Functions

Design the machine to fit your specific needs

The right choice of tools and functions can both increase productivity and cutting quality. Here are some examples:


  • 2D Cutting Tool – The standard cutting tool is all but standard. With features like unmanned operations and material adaptations it a universal cutting tool a huge range of materials and purposes. Both 4000 and 6000 bar.
  • Beveljet® 60 Cutting Tool – Designed to manage bevel and free form 3D cutting. Real five axis interpolation and a fully vector based calculation for TCP make it a state of the art cutting tool. Both 4000 and 6000 bar.
  • FiveX Cutting Tool – A special cutting tool for the FiveX machine model, designed for free form cutting.
  • Height Sensor – make you maintain correct stand off distance when there are height variations in the work material.
  • Zero Point Indicator – a laser beam allowing the operator to precisely position the jet at a work piece zero-point location.
  • Collision Sensor – mounted directly onto the nozzle it protects both machine and nozzle.
  • Drilling Unit – avoid delamination by drilling start-holes in the material instead of using water jet piercing.
  • Jet Pen Marker – a contactless marking system for text, numbers and lines, to mark the material and parts.
  • Work Piece Indicator System – touch probes, which can be used to identify and setup parts, measure features in-cycle for adaptive machining, and verify finished component dimensions.


  • Hose Reel with Spray Nozzle – The integrated hose reel with water spray nozzle makes it easy to clean parts, work material and equipment.
  • Quick Water Level Adjustment – for under water cutting and special work fixture cutting. The water level is quickly adjusted, controlled from the Panel One HMI.
  • Handy Operator Panel – A portable operator panel to for large machines with multiple cutting units.
  • Zone Divided Work Table – for machines longer than 6 meter. Enables safe unloading and loading while processing, in two separate work zones.
  • SMS Alert System – Ideal for unmanned machine operation. Get status alarms and send basic commands to the machine via the SMS cellular phone service.
  • Remote Control HP-Pump – The pump display data is connected to the controller and integrated in the PanelOne HMI.
  • Pressure Monitoring function – displays the pressure and automatically stops the machine if the pressure drops outside a configurable level.
  • Proportional Valve Pressure Control – Control high and low pressure to optimize cutting performance for special materials, piercing or delamination sensitive.


Beveljet 60 and 2D Cutting Tool
FiveX Cutting Tool
Drilling unit and Height sensor
Zero Point Indicator and Height Sensor
Collision Sensor
Jet Pen Marker
Workpiece Indicator System
Hose Reel with Spray Nozzle
Quick Water Level Adjustment
Handy Operator Panel
Zone Divided Work Table
SMS Alert System
Pressure Monitoring Function
Propotional Valve Pressure Control