Abrasive Handling

Solutions from temporary usage to non-stop production.

Abrasive Delivery Systems

The choice of abrasive delivery system I based on production volumes and number of cutting heads served. Weather you need an Abrasive Pressure Vessel for manual supply or Online Abrasive Feeding System for automatic and continuous feeding, we help you find the best setup.

  • Pressure Vessel – a manual abrasive delivery system for supply of natural abrasives
  • Abrasive Tower – quick and easy replenishment of the abrasive pressure vessel.
  • Online Abrasive Feeding System – used for automatic, continuous abrasive supply.

Abrasive Removal Systems

Just like abrasive delivery there are a number of Abrasive Removal Systems to fit different machine sizes and production volumes.  The WJS Standard give efficient removal to all small and mid-size machines, and when it comes to larger volumes and machines the WJS Volume or ASAS systems does the job.

  • WJS Standard – sludge is pumped into a tip container and the water returns to the cutting tank.
  • WJS Volume –efficient abrasive sludge removal even for heavy production and large machines.
  • ASAS Single – removal system for producing more than 500 kg abrasive sludge per day.
  • ASAS Double –removal system for producing more than 1000 kg abrasive sludge per day.
  • Sedimentation tank – Clean the cutting water from larger particles before entering drain.


Pressure Vessel
Abrasive Tower
Online Abrasive Feeding System
WJS Standard
WJS Volume
ASAS Single
ASAS Double
Online Abrasive Feeding System and ASAS Double
Sedimentation tank