Straight forward, high performance 2D cutting machine tool

The X-series is commonly used for in house production and small production series. It has all the basic features you need for high precision 2D cutting, for both 4000 or 6000 bar technology.

The X-series machine has a single Z-movement where multiple cutting heads (PWJ) or a second cutting head (AWJ) can be applied on a beam. There are a number of operational functions and tools available as standard options.

Technical Data

Construction:  Gantry (WJS worldwide patented guide system)
Frame:  Welded
Cutting Table/Tank:  Stainless Steel
Motion System:  Ballscrew
Control Unit:  Panel One HMI
CNC control system:  Fanuc
Process:  PWJ and AWJ (FAWJ compatible)
Pressure Technology:  4000 bar and 6000 bar
Machine sizes:  1×1 m, 2×1 m, 3×1.5 m, 3×2 m and 4×2 m


Maximum Z-movement:  250 mm
Maximum Table Load:  800 kg/m2
Positioning Accuracy:  ± 0.050 mm/m
Repetition Accuracy:  ± 0.025 mm

Standard options

  • Second abrasive cutting head (beam)
  • Drilling Unit
  • Zero Point Indicator
  • Work Piece Indicator (probe function)
  • Height Sensor, Collision Sensor
  • Unmanned Operation Functions
  • Quick Clamping
  • Online or manual abrasive feeding systems
  • Waste and water handling systems
  • HMI Remote Control of HP Pump and HMI Pressure Monitoring of HP Pump.