Robust, heavy duty cutting system, for all shapes, and large or odd sizes

Extremely versatile with a wide range of armament possibilities. Grand offer the largest machine tables with a robust heavy-duty design to manage large and odd size materials. Thanks to our worldwide patented guide system all machines have the same tolerance, independent of size.

The Grand machines popular in specialized job shops and are often part of an industry production line. Each machine is tailored to fit the customer process requirements, easily adopted for multi-job processing and unmanned operations.

Technical Data

Construction:  Gantry (WJS worldwide patented guide system)
Frame:  Heavy Duty
Cutting Table/Tank:  Stainless Steel
Covers:  Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
Motion System:  Linear Drive (X) and Ballscrew (Y)
Control Unit:  Panel One HMI
CNC control system:  Fanuc
Multiple Cutting Tools:  Independent variable 2-4 tools
Process:  PWJ and AWJ (FAWJ compatible)
3D Cutting:  WJS Beveljet®60 system
Pressure Technology:  4000 bar and 6000 bar
Machine sizes:  2.5-4 m wide and 3-12 m long as standard. Larger sizes on request.


Maximum Z-movement:  250 mm
Maximum Table Load:  800-3000 kg/m2
Positioning Accuracy:  ± 0.050 mm/m
Repetition Accuracy:  ± 0.025 mm

Beveljet®60 performance

Maximum Z-movement:  170 mm
Cutting Performance:  60°
B-axis movement:  ± 90°
C-axis movement:  ± 400°
Transmission accuracy B&C axis:  < 1 arcmin
Repetition accuracy B&C axis:  < ± 0.1 arcmin


  • Protective Design Features – side mounted motion system enable safe handling of large and heavy materials and heavy duty stainless steel covers protect from impact.
  • Efficient Job Handling – access from three sides enable easy loading and unloading and Zone Divided Worktable option make it possible to exchange jobs while processing.
  • Heavy Duty Production Options – To avoid backlash and support thick and heavy materials there are options like Quick Water Level Adjustment and different table grids.
  • Beveljet®60 – Real five axis interpolation manage bevel and free form 3D cutting. A fully vector based calculation in Fanuc for TCP improve cutting quality. Combine with one or several 2D cutting heads.


  • Height sensor
  • Manual Abrasive Pressure Vessel with Abrasive Tower
  • Abrasive Level and Blockage Control
  • HMI Remote Control of HP Pump
  • Abrasive Removal System with Tip Container and Sediment Tank

Standard options

  • Handy Operator Panel
  • Collision Sensor
  • Zero Point Indicator
  • Drilling Unit
  • Work Piece Indicator System (probe function)
  • Unmanned Operation Functions
  • Jet Pen Marker System, Online Abrasive Feeding
  • HMI Controlled Electronic Abrasive Feeder
  • HMI Pressure Monitoring of HP Pump
  • HMI Proportional Valve Pressure Control
  • Quick Water Level Adjustment, Zone Divided Work Table


Water Jet Sweden Beveljet 60 Presentation
Water Jet Sweden Tube Cutting