NCH 30 Water Jet Sweden Ronneby

H-model Advanced

A fully equipped water jet machine system for industrial cutting

The H-model Advanced is a straight forward 2D quality water jet cutting system. The machine system is based on Water Jet Sweden world patented gantry design. The H-model Advanced is a complete ready-to-cut solution with a set of functions suitable for industry plants or contract cutting shops, where there is a need for volume production and efficient 2D cutting. The H-model is available in three different table sizes, 1 x 1 meter, 2 x 1 meter, 3 x 1.5 meter.


Machine: NCH 10/20/30 (available in three different table sizes)
Armament: Abrasive Cutting Tool + Head Protection Package
Control: Fanuc 0i-MF, 8.5” Touch Screen + Remote Operator Software
Ultra-High Pressure Pump: BFT Ecotron 30 HP 3800 bar
Abrasive Supply B: Pressure Vessel 200 l + 1 ton Abrasive Tower
Abrasive Removal: Membrane Pumps, Tip Container, Sediment Tank
Abrasive Monitoring:  Feeder Level, Blockage Control, Pressure Vessel Monitoring

Design features

Construction:  Gantry
Frame:  Welded Steel Beams
Cutting Table/Tank:  Stainless Steel
Covers:  Bellow
Motion System:  Ballscrew
Cutting Heads:  1-2
Process:  AWJ/PWJ


Maximum Z-movement:   250 mm
Maximum Table Load:  1200 kg/m2
Positioning Accuracy:  ± 0.05 mm/m
Repetition Accuracy:  ± 0.025 mm


  • Online Pressure Vessel
  • CAD/CAM Plugins
  • Drilling Tool
  • Water Softener
  • 4000 bar upgrade
  • 6000 bar upgrade package
  • Duo Head 4000 bar Upgrade Package
  • Duo Head 6000 bar Upgrade Package