Abrasive Delivery System
The choice of abrasive delivery system I based on production volumes and number of cutting heads served.

Water Jet Machine
Machine table size and armament is chosen to design the optimal production tool for each customer.

Ultra High Pressure Pump
The UHP Pump is the engine of the cutting process. Choice of pump depends of material, cutting speed and number of cutting heads.

Abrasive Removal System
The different abrasive removal systems simplifies sludge handling and can recycle water in to the cutting tank.

Machine Control and Operations
A machine is never better than its brains and nerves. Every Water Jet Sweden machine system is built with Fanuc world leading CNC system Components.

A Water Jet Sweden machine system include some basic components that are combined to fit the cutting requirement of each customer. Our waterjet machines cut everything from small micro components to huge parts and single parts to large volume production.

Standard - all inclusive

Waterjet machine systems designed for basic 2D abrasive cutting. Complete, ready-to-cut, machine solutions.

T-model Advanced
H-model Advanced

Select - optimized by flexibility

A platform for the optimal machine solution. Five product families adaptable to a huge variety of cutting needs.


Special - a unique solution


System Components

Tools & Functions
Ultra High Pressure Pumps
Abrasive Handling
Panel One HMI
Machine Safety