It’s not a simple work to persuade folks to get stuff they occasionally might not really require.
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It’s not a simple work to persuade folks to get stuff they occasionally might not really require.

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Published: 2017-11-03
Product News
Waterjet pump upgrade with several benefits:
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Product News
Waterjet pump upgrade with several benefits:

Save energy, less outages, and reduced service costs!

WST AB is a contract cutting company famous for quick delivery and quality parts. They focus on waterjet cutting and have three water jet cutting machines in their shop: Two traditional abrasive water jets with four cutting tools each and one machine for micro component production.


New modern technology

About a year ago WST AB replaced all their old pumps to three synchronized BFT Servotron 60 HP pumps. An investment that has quickly paid off.

– New technology saves service costs, but other big advantages is more efficient waterjet operations and reliable performance, says Jonas Mörk, owner of WST AB. The technology shift gives us a better overall economy.


Saving energy

The new servo pumps has a more even pressure and consume less energy starting up. It will cut energy peaks and gives more even cutting quality.

– The operation cost depends on what kind of production you have and your cost structure. For us as a contract cutting with many start and stops this solution is extra valuable. The new pumps consume less energy, because they consume no energy at idle mode when we load and unload, tells Jonas.


Reduced service costs

– New pumps has lower service costs. Lower spare part costs and longer service intervals. It is like cars. The older they get the higher your spare part and service costs will be, Jonas explains.


Less outages

– The best part is less outages, Jonas Mörk summarize. Without the new pumps we would have had it tough the last couple of months. They have been running nonstop and we have saved us many man-hours of work. New technology saves personnel cost in two ways. We don’t need someone fixing the pumps, and unmanned operation becomes much more reliable.

Used pumps for sale

WST has managed to get a quicker pay off time for the investment, selling the used pumps to other water jet cutting companies around the world.

– We replace the pumps early to get a better second hand value on the equipment. It makes the easier to sell and reduce the overall investment, tells Jonas.

Do the right things

It will take a couple of years to pay for the investment, but already today we work more efficient and cut better. We must use the time to do the right things. For us that is to sell and cut and not to do service on our pumps and waterjet machines, conclude Jonas and get back to his successful business.

We say thank you to Jonas for the interview and wish him and WST AB best of luck in the future.

Published: 2017-10-06
Product News
How to cut advanced 3D parts with a sheet metal waterjet machine
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Product News
How to cut advanced 3D parts with a sheet metal waterjet machine

Advanced Beveljet Cutting-1

Beveljet 60 is a 5-axis cutting head made by Water Jet Sweden primarily designed for sheet material cutting, shaping parts with a 0-60 degree cutting angle. But with the programmable z-axis the cutting head can be used for much more advanced cutting jobs. Together with IGEMS new powerful CAD/CAM software for 3D cutting, IGEMS 3D5X, it turns quickly into a smooth free form cutting tool, with the ability to cut materials in different work planes.

Advanced 3D cutting of sheet materials.

The traditional use case for the Beveljet 60 cutting tool is taper angle control, bevel cutting and advanced shaping of sheet materials.

Beveljet Part

Picture: Advanced parts out of sheet material cut with Beveljet 60.

Since Beveljet 60 has a full 5-axis capability the third-dimension, height, can also be included when there is a need for full 3D cutting jobs, using a 3D CAD/CAM software suitable for the task, such as the new IGEMS 3D5X.

Five steps to full 5-axis shaping of 3D parts

Preparing a free form 3D cutting job for the Beveljet 60 cutting tool is made with a couple of simple steps thanks to the new IGEMS 3D5X software.

Step 1 – Align the part

First of all, the part has to be aligned to suit the machine’s work movement. The Beveljet 60 cutting tool has a 250-mm maximum Z-movement and a 0-60° cutting angle, which make it possible to cut a wide range of 3D parts.

Align part

Picture: Part is aligned in IGEMS 3D5X in order to fit the movement of the machine.

Step 2 – Create a fixture

One of the challenges for free form cutting is how to securely fix the workpiece. The “Fixture” function embedded in IGEMS 3D5X makes it easy to generate sheet-based parts to build a complete fixture adapted to the unique part to be processed.

All the parts required for the complete fixture are automatically placed and can be cut as a regular part in suitable sheet material.

Create Fixture 1

Create Fixture 2

Pictures: The fixture is created in the IGEMS 3D5X software and fixture parts are automatically prepared for cutting.

Step 3 – Prepare the toolpath and movements

A toolpath is added to get the correct cutting angle of geometries to be cut. Several options are available regarding how to align the jet. In this case the “Variable” cut type was selected. In order to save cycle time, the rapid movements between each contour can be adjusted manually.

Toolpath 1

Toolpath 2

Pictures: Toolpath is added and rapid movement between contours are optimized.

Step 4 – Collision detection test

Beveljet 60 has a 0-60° cutting performance, with a A-axis movement of ± 90° and C-axis movement of ± 400°. The final step is to simulate the cutting job in IGEMS and make a collision detection test, avoiding the cutting head movements interfere with the part.

Collision test

Picture – simulation with collision detection test in progress

Step 5 – Cut and assemble the fixture

When CAD/CAM programming and test runs are finished the last step before cutting is to build the fixture. Since IGEMS 3D5X automatically prepare the fixture parts it is a normal 2D cutting job in suitable sheet material.

Fixture Beveljet Cutting

Picture: Fixture made of 2 mm steel, automatically calculated and placed by IGEMS 3D5X.

Cutting parts in different work planes

With IGEMS 3D5X most of Waterjet Sweden ‘s sheet metal cutting machines can be programmed to follow parts with different height automatically during the cutting job. This is also valid for the 2D cutting heads on any machine model.

The example in this article is while cutting a laminated composite material. To avoid delamination the lead ins were pre-drilled, done quickly with a drilling fixture. The advanced 3D shape and cutting requirements was met by using the Belvejet 60 on a NCP Premium machine instead of the full 5-axis head on a NC5 FiveX machine model. Beveljet 60 is available on both Waterjet Jet Sweden Premium and Grand machine models.

Advanced Beveljet Cutting-3

Picture: Finishing off the edges, finalizing the 3D composite part

Published: 2017-06-27
Product News
Fast ROI and unexpected benefits from waterjet machine investment
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Product News
Fast ROI and unexpected benefits from waterjet machine investment

Concept-Sweden-fast-ROI-and unexpected-benefits (1)

Concept Sweden AB is a young company, but they have many years of experience within the field of automation. Situated in Gothenburg, on the west coasts of Sweden, a group of experienced engineers and young blood in the line started the automation company in 2011. The startup has been very successful with an average growth rate of more than 25% per year. They have had a high annual profitability right from the start, and their new waterjet cutting machine investment has improved profitability even further.

Savings and efficiencyConcept-Sweden-fast-ROI-and unexpected-benefits (1)

– We looked where we had our biggest purchases and realized we bought waterjet cutting services for 1.5 million SEK last year, says Mathias Ytreeide, production manager at Concept Sweden. We thought it was about time to find another solution.

Concept Sweden are specialists in automation, serving customers mainly in the plastics industry. The company currently consists of 15 people who design, manufacture, build, install and deploy special machines and production equipment tailored to specific customer needs.  The company also provide service and maintenance, contract manufacturing, electrical cabinet construction etc.

Value for money

To produce customer specific machines, they have a well-equipped workshop with several Mills, a lathe and a large selection of hand tools. Each machine build means some kind of customization. Now, the machinery has been extended with a new waterjet cutting machine from Water Jet Sweden – the new multi-purpose system, T-model Advanced.

– We looked at three different suppliers of waterjet cutting machines, and we chose Water Jet Sweden. They had the best offer and the sales rep lay on and showed more interest than the others. Some functions, like Height Sensor, was included, while the other offered them as option, and their machine also was of a smaller size, with less cutting area, said Mathias. Waterjet Sweden gave us the best value for money and a fast ROI.

Concept-Sweden-fast-ROI-and unexpected-benefits (3)

Easy to use

Although waterjet cutting was completely new technology for the production department, they quickly learned how to take advantage of the opportunities that the new machine provides.

– The training was incredibly good. The technician was calm and experienced, and we were in full production already the day after, tells Mathias. It has been very successful. It’s quick and easy to prepare jobs, and the machine keeps running while we’re doing other jobs at the same time.

Clean and quiet

After visiting some other companies with waterjet cutting machines, there was some concern about the waterjet technology being dirty and noisy.

– Some of us were worried that it would be dirty and noisy, but there are no problems at all. We have the waterjet machine in a separate room, and with some simple daily maintenance there is no problem at all with dirt, says Mathias who has his own workplace next to waterjet cutting room.

Concept-Sweden-fast-ROI-and unexpected-benefits (5)

Unexpected benefits

Half a year after the investment Concept Sweden only see positive effects of purchasing the waterjet cutting machine. To change and manufacture waterjet parts in-house has proven profitable. Another unexpected benefit is that it also has improved service towards their existing customers.

  • Most parts we cut with the waterjet is for our own products, but we also do occasional cutting jobs for our existing customers. Often it is quicker for us to fix the parts that they need rather than to go to someone else who don’t know their product. It is both more simple and cheaper, says Mathias.

We thank Mathias for a nice conversation and wish future success for Concept Sweden.

Concept-Sweden-fast-ROI-and unexpected-benefits (6)

Published: 2017-05-31
Events and Tradefairs
CIMT – China International Machine Tool Show in Beijing 2017
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Events and Tradefairs
CIMT – China International Machine Tool Show in Beijing 2017

CIMT is the most important show for the machine tool manufacturers and dealers in China was held April 17-22 in Beijing. WJS Pacific, subsidiary of Water Jet Sweden, was there presenting a portfolio of Scandinavian high quality machine tools, with a Water Jet Sweden T-model machine on display.

– It is good to have a waterjet machine on the show, says Mr. Xu Jian, CEO at WJS Pacific. It attracts visitors to our booth, and got us the most inquiries. We had really good attention and some customers came to the booth and sked for test cuts, tells Xu Jian

It’s still some work to be done to introduce water jet technology in the Chinese market, and there’s a potential for future growth in the country. Abrasive waterjet cutting is also a suitable complimentary cutting technology to both laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting, since it is a cold cutting method with many unique characteristics.

– We focus on those customers who have use for abrasive waterjet technology and have financial capacity to buy high end products like Water Jet Sweden, tells Xu Jian. By showing typical demo parts and application examples we are able to guide the customers and show them the possibilities of waterjet cutting.

Total number of visitors was similar to previous years, but for WJS Pacific the CIMT 2017 exhibition was an extra successful event with a many new contact in the growing Chinese market.






Published: 2017-05-18
Events and Tradefairs
New Water Jet Sweden representative in Spain and Portugal
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Events and Tradefairs
New Water Jet Sweden representative in Spain and Portugal

In February 2017 Water Jet Sweden appointed SISTECO MÁQUINAS-HERRAMIENTA, S.L. sales representative in Spain and Portugal, expanding our network of local sales agents in Europe.

Since 1993 Water jet Sweden has become a leading supplier of waterjet cutting systems in northern Europe and has customers in over 40 countries around the world, but a few European markets still lack local representation.

– It is always valuable to have an established local representative that knows the local market and business conditions. The initial meetings with Sisteco Maquinas-Herramienta S.L. showed quickly that they have both a market position, product portfolio and company history that fit very well with Water Jet Sweden’s offer, says Lennart Svensson, CEO at Water Jet Sweden.

Sisteco has an extensive experience within the metal industry driven by skill, innovation and service. The company was founded in 1999 and has over 25 years’ experience in distribution and sales of machine tools for cutting and shaping special steel, profile structures, plate and tube metal. Focus is to deliver high performance cutting solutions for the most efficient production and low manufacturing cost. The company is divided into five different product division, adding water jet cutting as a new product range.

Ion Berechinaga , Sales Engineer at Sisteco made a deep research on the Waterjet Cutting technology and found in Waterjet Sweden the perfect partner as Cutting system manufacturer, with a very long experience of both standard and complex Waterjet Cutting applications.

– We have found from the beginning that our both companies style is 100% compatible, quality the first, with honest behavior, providing the best service to our customers, says Ion Berechinaga.

Main site of Sisteco is situated in northern Spain, in the town of Elgeta, Gipuzkoa province in the Basque Region, having a network of local sub-agents spread around the Iberian Peninsula.

– Waterjet cutting is a new technology for Sisteco, and we have dedicated our most experienced staff to support them in the startup phase. This will secure that customers in Spain and Portugal will get the same professional treatment and the full value of Water Jet Sweden product offer as in the rest of the world, Lennart summarize.


Ion Berechinaga Jauregui
Tel: +34 943 76 82 14


Published: 2017-03-23
Product News
Quality waterjet machine designed for five year performance warranty
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Product News
Quality waterjet machine designed for five year performance warranty

All water Jet Sweden machines are built for long life and high performance. A profitable investment for many years of competive advantage. These design principles also includes the new multipurpose, entry level T-model. We went into the production hall of Water Jet Sweden in Ronneby, Sweden, to have a closer look at some examples.

Heavy-duty steel frame

To cut heavy materials with a more than 0.1 mm accuracy consistently year after year demands a heavy duty machine design that can manage weight and withstand vibrations over time. The weight of the steel frame ensures machine stability. To select wrong material on the frame design can cost a lot in performance. You can easily see the difference if you lift off the cover panels (WJS does not use covers that have no functional benefit).  The massive steel beams of the T-model are designed to withstand vibrations and manage to perfectly hold cutting tools and accessories.


Complete protection of Moving Parts

Water jet cutting is environmentally friendly, but it is a tough environment for high tech machines, Moving parts are sensitive to wear from abrasive and water and easy maintenance is key to performance and lifetime.  On the T-model all motion system is enclosed which secure machine performance, simplify maintenance and prolong the machine lifetime.


Powerful motion systems

The motion system of a water jet cutting table must withstand torsion powers, often several hundred kilograms, and at the same time has a smooth movement to keep accuracy and tolerances at tenths of a millimeter.

Even our T-model has a powerful Ballscrew of 32 mm in diameter. It manage higher rotation speed and will minimize the risk of wobbling and torsion to secure uptime and lifetime. The Ballscrews of Water Jet Sweden has quite a low pitch (20 mm/turn) to get a smooth movement with high resolution and accuracy when cutting. The pitch affect maximum speed, but a maximum cutting speed of 10 000 mm/min (X and Y axis) is more than enough for water jet cutting.  Maximum travel speed (15 000 mm/min I Y and 15 000 mm/min in X) is a more academic figure since it will always be a very small part of total production time.

It is crucial to have a stable and straight X and Y axis movement if you want a consistent cutting quality. Otherwise it is almost impossible to keep accuracy and tolerance measures in a machine. That’s what a wide and stable guide rail gives you.  For small extra cost the wide guide rails improve machine performance and prolong machine lifetime. The T-model has two wide guide rails on the Y-axis where the main is 90 mm and support 35 mm. The X-axis beam has a stable 70 mm guide rail to make the Z-unit travel steadily. Our broad guide rails resist torsion, unnecessary tension and gives a consistent cutting quality, hour after hour, year after year.


These are a few examples of how we design machines and offer a five year performance warranty on every water jet Sweden machine leaving our factory. If you wish to know more about our long life, high performance machines and how they can bring competitive edge to your business, please contact us at Most welcome!


Published: 2017-03-01
Product News
Micro cutting for everyone!
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Product News
Micro cutting for everyone!

WJS launch a new unique feature:

To cut narrow incisions in hard materials with high precision requires a specially developed waterjet cutting process. FAWJ stands for Fine Abrasive Water Jet (micro waterjet, finecut), and is a unique and world-class cutting process launched back in 2008 by Water Jet Sweden. Since then, the technique has been applied to a specially developed precision machinery, designed to manufacture micro-components. Now we broaden the possibilities and launch The FAWJ Micro Head Package to our ordinary machine models. It is designed for customers who wish to cut fine parts with narrow incisions and high precision, without the need for the most extreme micro part tolerances.

FAWJ-a unique cutting technology

FAWJ technique requires a special cutting head and is a waterjet cutting process suitable for very fine abrasives so metals and other hard materials could be processed with incisions as thin as 0.2 mm. The cutting process has all the advantages that water jet cutting means. It is simple and versatile, with a very smooth surface that requires no or very little post-processing, and there is no influence of the material constituent. The FAWJ technology also allows you to cut quite thick materials. The thickness varies depending on the type of material.

Micro machine – for extreme precision

Water Jet Sweden’s machine model “Micro” (NCM 10) is specially developed for the FAWJ-process and is used for manufacturing of micro components. Micro waterjet cutting machine is a popular alternative to Micro-EDM and Laser. The Micro is a machine system based on Water Jet Sweden’s patented Gantry design and has a number of unique features for cutting with tolerances less than ± 0.01 mm. Some examples are the cutting table which is made of epoxy concrete, a material that also is used for measuring machines. The machine’s positioning is determined by a micrometer scale from Renishaw, an invar scale that has a precision of 1 nm. The Micro machine is a high precision tool used in precision mechanics, electronics, biotechnology and similar industry sectors, and for jewelry design and processing of exclusive materials.


New feature: The FAWJ Micro Head Package – for fine cuts

The FAWJ cutting process can cut as narrow as 0.2 mm, compared to traditional waterjet for which the incision normally is 0.8-1.0 mm. A growing number of customers around the world have seen new opportunities with the FAWJ cutting process, and there has been a growing demand for FAWJ-cutting in general. Therefore we launch an upgrade package: The FAWJ Micro Head Package. It can be used on our regular machine models, X-series and Premium, which both have the size of cutting tables (1 x1 to 4 x 2 meter) and a CNC control system that can that can handle the delicate sand feeding.  FAWJ Micro Head Package can also be used as an upgrade for existing similar size machines.

Do you see new, interesting business opportunities with the FAWJ process? Feel free to contact us at

FAWJ Micro Head applications

Machine model Micro model X-series (FAWJ) Premium (FAWJ)
Incision ≥0.2 mm ≥0.3 mm ≥0.3 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 0.01 mm/m ± 0.05 mm/m ± 0.05 mm/m
Repetition accuracy ± 0.008 mm ± 0.025 mm ± 0.025 mm












Published: 2017-01-16
Events and Tradefairs
Unlimited access to water jet specialists.
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Events and Tradefairs
Unlimited access to water jet specialists.

We stay in a continuous stand-by mode in order to help you obtain optimal performance, lower total cost, added uptime and an extended life span out of your machinery. And we ship your spare parts on the very same day you order them!

But a few days a year we make an exception from the rule and we allow ourselves to spend some extra time with family and friends. Such special days are around Christmas and New Year. Valuable time that bring extra motivation and energy to continue to offer you the best service possible.

We wish you Happy Holliday’s!

Published: 2016-12-20
Events and Tradefairs
The bearer of light initiates the Christmas celebrations in Sweden
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Events and Tradefairs
The bearer of light initiates the Christmas celebrations in Sweden

In the morning of December 13th Water Jet Sweden, as the rest of Sweden, celebrates the Lucia tradition. A serene morning with warm “glögg” drink, gingersnaps and Lucia saffron bun, enjoying the Lucia parade with beautiful acapella singing.

Lucia is a tradition with roots from the 14th century, when Nordic people used the light bearing saint as a mean to protect themselves from Lucifer, who was believed to be extra active the dark night of December 13. Lucia celebration and similar traditions has developed throughout the centuries and since the beginning of the 20th century a common Lucia tradition has been established in Sweden.

Today the Lucia day, always December 13, together with advent, marks the initiation of Christmas celebration and is also common in the other Nordic countries.

We thank the Municipal of Ronneby’s Lucia Choir bringing Christmas spirit to our staff and premises.




Published: 2016-12-13