Five years performance warranty 

We guarantee a brand new machine performance after five years of usage – a warranty extension derived from a unique designWJS_warranty_2016_RGB_PNG

Our patented guiding system and a robust mechanical design ensure reliable machine performance over an extensive life span. Due to this fact, we have now decided to offer a mechanical warranty spanning over 5 years or 10 000 hours of operation!

Our patented solution to a “classical” problem

No frame can be made 100% straight and parallel. When the X-beam moves along the Y-axis, irregularities and thermal impact will have a harmful effect on the cutting result and the life span of the machine. This influence will increase with the length of the cutting table.

Traditional designs try to cope with this problem by tolerating a compensating slack along the guide rail – thereby still compromising both cutting accuracy and the life span of the machine.

The unique, patented solution used for all the WJS machines eliminates this problem by a parallel-axes system, where one side of the machine is fixed and the other will adjust itself continuously. Thus the wear on the mechanical parts is reduced considerably, calibration is facilitated and consistent, first-rate cutting quality can be obtained regardless of machine size.

Simple conditions and hassle-free operation

The extended warranty comprises all our gantry machine models ordered after May 1, 2015 and covers the frame and moving parts of the mechanical system. Electronic functions, tools, wear parts or machinery protection units are not included. Except for handling according to manual, the extended warranty requires service and yearly maintenance by technicians authorized by Water Jet Sweden and exclusive use of original WJS parts.

We guarantee that all our machines keep the same tolerance level after five years as the day when the machine was first delivered”