Developing skilled professionals

Members of the founding Ryd family are still active owners in Water Jet Sweden. They represent profound experience as well as a long-term perspective on business development. We are also rightfully proud of the professional skills and craftsmanship of our staff, where most members have worked with the company for years.

Key words for Water Jet Sweden and its employees are:

  • Quality – in production, service and selection of suppliers
  • Sustainability – in perspective, product concept and design
  • Customer focus – in business ethics, transactions and product solutions

Working with Water Jet Sweden means being a part of an international environment, where contact with countries all over the world is part of the daily routine.

We offer career options by development of professional skills within e.g. water jet cutting, machine design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development and finance – but also within sales, customer support, customer training and machine installation.



Niclas – Customer Service

“It is fun otherwise I wouldn’t be working here. You get to meet new people every day. Every day is different and you always face new challenges. At Customer Service we can plan our day based on our customer needs as well as our personal needs. The possibility to influence our work makes WJS staff feel responsible which means better service to the customers.”


Rickard – Production

“It is a good place to work and size of company. I get to work independently and responsibly. I am involved in building a machine from start to finish, throughout the whole process. It is unique that everyone have such high competence, high responsibility and are so helpful to each other and customers. That contributes to deliver as good a machine as possible.”


Stefan –Development

“You have personal freedom and responsibility. You can influence with your own ideas, since the company listens to the employees. As a machine designer I have a large variety of tasks, which is unique. I participate from start to end in all processes, from initial customer requirements to after sales. The design, contact with suppliers, production, project financials and marketing. This is a key success factor for delivering durable machines, sometimes maybe even too durable.”