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Water Jet Sweden launch a new product range

To meet a more general market demand we launch a range of standard machine systems. Still the high quality and peak performance of Water Jet Sweden, but at a lower price level. The Standard models are complete packages...

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Upgrade from NUM to Fanuc 2

Upgrade from NUM to Fanuc

With proper service and maintenance a Water Jet Sweden machine can be as good as new, even after 20 years. Then an upgrade from the previous NUM control system to the new Fanuc system can be a valuable investment, as for...

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NEW! Five years extended mechanical warranty 

We guarantee a brand new machine performance after five years of usage - a warranty extension derived from a unique design Our patented guiding system and a robust mechanical design ensure reliable machine performanceover...

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The Waterjet Annual Show - January 28th 2016, 08:00 am - 24:00 pm

Together with Swedish Waterjet Lab we invite you to the 7th annual Waterjet Show. Grab the opportunity to take part when we introduce a new product range and show a complete set of water jet cutting systems at the assembly...

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New machine orders at Blech Expo in Stuttgart

Many customers, existing and potential, found their way to Water Jet Sweden booth at the Blech Expo exhibition in Stuttgart in the beginning of November. Some decided to finalize the agreement and sign a contract at the event....

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Let us meet at Blechexpo 2015 in Stuttgart, November 3-6

What is happening in the metal machine tool market? Find answers at Blechexpo 2015. Blechexpo is the 12th international trade fair for sheet metal working in Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. The Exhibition Centre is locateddirectly...

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